I’m Not Particularly Ashamed of the Way That I Look

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

253910_782138945365_2026081_n I recall the string of comments that followed when I first posted this picture.  They were very typical.  “Eat a cheeseburger.  You look Somalian.”  “Put on some weight, you look unhealthy.”  “Jesus, you’re too skinny.”  Naturally, one can assume that each of these comments came from someone that has spent their entire life being overweight.  I brushed them off for that reason.  I felt it was only fair that people that have likely had their share of jokes thrown their way should be able to take a shot on people that don’t deal with such shit.  It never really occurred to me that being joked with for being skinny is just as offensive as being joked with for being overweight.  If you are offended by things of that nature, that is.  I tend not to be as life is short and being offended is a waste of time.  That lasts until someone posts a meme saying something to the effect of ,


Then I become confused.  I’m either A) not a guy, or 2) wrong about what I like.  Neither of these seem possible.  Last time I peed I stood up and as far as I know, my taste in women isn’t really a defined by my own gender.  When I look at that meme I tend to think first that I don’t find either of them particularly attractive and second that if I was a girl that was born skinny, ate 3000 calories a day and never exercised a bit, I would probably be pretty pissed off about someone implying that I was unlovable.  My fiance and I are both stricken with tragic eating disorders.  We each consume more food throughout the course of a given day than any two people of our respective genders.  Neither of us get big.  I get slow, and flabby perhaps, which leads me to complain quite often, but she never really gains an inch or a pound or a pant size.  Being the most beautiful girl in the world isn’t her fault.  Just like having exceptional abs isn’t mine.   If I am told to eat a cheeseburger or go on a particular diet because I look Somalian, I reserve the right to reply, “Go on a diet, you look American.”  If I am told that I exercise too much and that I am obsessed with my body and that I am unhealthy because somebodies doctor told them that being vegan and running was gonna make me jaundiced and fucking kill me, then I kind of reserve the right to tell people that they are fat because they are lazy and THEY are obsessed with my body, because they wish they could unzip their lard and step out of it with 6 percent body fat and a 5:20 mile.  Of course these are ridiculous assumptions.  But people still make such statements to indicate that an entire fucking population of people likes one thing and detests another.  That being said, I’m still not really offended by being told that I am too skinny, but I certainly feel sympathetic for those that are naturally skinny and have to deal with an onslaught of shaming over the fact that their ass will never look like Beyonce’s.   I also feel simultaneously sympathetic and inspired by someone born heavy that takes tremendous care of themselves even while knowing that they’ll never look like the girl on the cover of Playboy.  Being heavy or light doesn’t indicate nearly enough about someones character to be a dickhead to them.

  1. shmeruns says:

    LOVE this. I’m convinced that people who make comments about how others look do it because they are unhappy/insecure with their own looks. Lame. Also, can you please tell someone to “go on a diet, you look American” and videotape the response???? Hilarious!

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