Transcendental Endurance Life: 2015. Fuck. A Brief Summary of a Year and Some Pictures.

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m not an emotional man, but I am.

I’m also completely fucking smashed.

Similarly, I was 1,234 words into my attempt to put a literary stamp on my most memorable year (not my most successful year) as a runner, and every single one of them is completely void of the great value it should represent, so I’m probably better off just writing a paragraph here and being done with it.

I’ve loved you all so dearly since day one and owe you each on some level that I will forever dream of being able to repay.

Thanks for the miles.  Thanks for the adventures.  Thanks for the trails, the mountains, the stumbling, bumbling fucking fumbling, mind numbing descents into madness and ascents into transcendent, meaningful existence.

If I could offset the reality of my humorously catastrophic impact on the lives of those around me, I would do so by attempting to express the comfort with which I’d take a bullet for any one of you.

Thanks Natalie for being the best friend I recall ever having, Chris for making sure I don’t die every day, Jeff for taking it easy on me at the finish line all the time, Daven for believing so honestly in me even on the days I provide the least reason to do so, Jamie for every day that I’ve been privileged to share with you, Josh for making me run in the first place, Matt for being the most inspiring and genuine person I know and Laura for throwing gasoline on the small flame I handed you.

your humble soul mate, friend, student, idiot, brother, servant, coach, twit, nincompoop, knucklehead etc

Party, Always

-Muddy Sneaker, Win

-Medved Madness. 3rd

-OSTM, 3rd

-Burning River, Survived

-Ossian , Win

-Watergap , LOL

-Brain Cancer 5k – PR

-Mudslog -3rd

-Rochester Trail Runner of the Year

-:Likely Very Temporary Course Record on Outer Loop at Bristol

-JFK , Let’s see

These pictures belong to someone.  Mostly to Ron Heerkens.  Some to other people. Maybe Laura’s dad or something.  Or To the Mountain Peak Fitness people.  Or to Roger O.  Or Maybe someone else.  And Mertsock, who deserves much credit for his role in the entire game this year.










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