I am Mike.  I am legendary in so many ways, but only within my own mind.  We should all have that luxury.  The luxury of believing that our activities matter (when in reality they mean so little).  My activities are these;  I run sometimes.  Sometimes distances that people don’t feel comfortable covering in an automobile without stopping to piss and get gas.  I also listen to music sometimes.  Metal (predominantly black, folk and death), 80’s and 90’s punk, classical (encompassing all eras, but mostly sonatas and concertos), and folk music from many cultures.  I lack considerable writing skills and don’t care at all.  I use profanity in almost every verbal exchange of my day, but try to limit it on paper because it seems juvenile.

I like to take care of myself for two reasons.  First because it feels good and second because my closet door is a floor to ceiling mirror and it is unforgiving. I suppose I am like Patrick Bateman without the metro sexual overtones, rigorous shower protocol and bloodthirst. Furthermore, in the likely event of the apocalypse, i plan to be able to run faster and longer than most people.  There will be three classes of people in this wasteland.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I intend on being the dessert that goes ignored because dinner was just too damn filling.

In addition to all of this, I don’t eat things that come from animals.  Animals are my friends.  They were in all of my childhood books and have kept my feet warm at night for my entire life.  They need not be a part of my diet. Besides, I’ve gotten significantly faster in the two years since I stopped using them as a food source.

I am using this blog mostly to write about running and eating.  Occasionally some exceptional music will find its way into my ears and I’ll write about that.

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